The Church @ The Pines
The Church @ The Pines

Last Sunday School before holidays

In our final Sunday school before we break for the summer holidays, we talked about the parable of the weeds and how God forgives us when we say sorry for things we have done wrong. We wish our young people and our Sunday School team a wonderful break and we look forward to seeing them at our all age worship services over the summer.

Carol Singing Service

First Candle of Advent

Covenant Service

On the 16th January 2022 we held our Covenant service.


This is the first time it has been held at the usual time, in January, for several years.


It was moved to September as it had to be cancelled two years in a row because of very bad weather.


Revd Soba Sinnathamby presided with members of the congregation assisting. 


We were able to celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion as the Methodist tradition is to distribute the wine (non alcoholic) in individual cups.

Prayer for the week

This Volunteer Week we
pray for all who give of
their time in service of you,
God. We offer our thanks
for the blessing of these
volunteers in our Church.

May Your Spirit bless them
with continual guidance as
they faithfully serve others.
Bless them with resilience,
strength, time and
fulfillment. Help us all to
consider how we can use
talents given by you to
serve. Amen.

During Pride month we are
reminded of your love for
all people. May the grace
and peace of Christ dwell
richly in our hearts, so that
all may be able to be
themselves as you truly see
us; as your precious and
diverse siblings in Christ.

This week we pray for all
those living in Kimberley.
May they know your peace
and love in their lives.

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