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The Church @ The Pines


Circuit & Wokingham Administrator Position available
For details please check the Advert on our Policies & Documents page.


Autumn Rota – can you volunteer?
Many hands make light work! Or so the saying goes... We could do with just a few more people to volunteer to be on the rota for different duties. If you would like to try welcoming, helping with Sunday School, serving tea/coffee or running the tech desk, please have a chat with Sarah as she is completing the rota for September, October and November shortly.


Bible Study

Just to remind you that there is a Bible study on Zoom each Thursday evening and the log in details are below:


Join Thursday Bible Study 7:30pm

Meeting ID: 946 6261 3770 

Passcode: 017274


You will notice that we now have the signing in sheets back. If you have children that you hope will go to Ranelagh you will need to sign the sheet each week and have it countersigned. You need to visit the Parish Centre

to sign that you wish your child to be on the list for Ranelagh. No appointment needed.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We are required to update our compliance with these regulations, and we would ask that you each fill in the form that Hazel will give out and return it as soon as possible. Thank you to those who have done so already. There is a separate one for Sunday school. Your help with this is very much appreciated.



We do not take a collection during the service but a Response Box is on the Information table at the back should you wish to make a donation to the work of our church. Alternatively you could

sign a Standing Order form committing to regular monthly giving which
allows our Treasurer to monitor the church finances more closely.


School Admissions

Ranelagh 2024 Admissions Policy can be found on our documents page.

This aims to make the system fair and transparent for those wishing to apply to St Michael’s or Ranelagh church schools on church attendance criteria. Parents will be asked to sign a register at the back of church each time they attend and get this counter signed by a member of the Leadership Team. It is also the responsibility of parents to ensure their names are on the Electoral Roll at St. Michael’s.

Can we remind parents that they CANNOT sign their forms retrospectively.



Prayer for the week

We pray for our ministers, leaders and all who worship here and in the circuit and parish

O Lord, our Director and Guide, we pray for all Ministers and Worship leaders in this Parish and Circuit. Continue to inspire and instruct them and speak through them to all of us. Guide and lead all the church leaders as they seek to fulfil Your plans and purposes. Give us all the courage and trust in You to follow Your direction so that we may be effective channels of your knowledge and love to all who we live among.

We pray specially about the many conflicts going on at present.

We bring before You:

Those who have been bereaved; comfort them.

Those who have been injured; strengthen them and heal them

Those who have been made homeless; calm them in their distress and show them the way forward.

Those who are in the midst of the violence and chaos being generated; especially the innocents and those held as hostages, both young and old, and their families and friends concerned about their health and safety; Give them hope in their despair, strengthen them and enfold them in your protection. Bring them the peace and security so desperately needed.

We pray for Your intervention in these conflicts. Bring Your understanding and compassion to permeate the minds and hearts of all those involved in these conflicts. Lead those in the governments and organisations involved, and all others able to influence them, to seek justice, peace and harmony so that all may live and work together with understanding and compassion for each other.

We pray for all who are affected by the recent floods in this country.

Protect them in these dangerous situations and encourage and lead them in mind, body and spirit to recover as they seek to recover from these losses.

We pray for all organisations and individuals working to bring help and relief to those affected by these conflicts and natural disasters. Give them the  guidance and protection they need and provide them with all the resources needed. Open access for them to enable the relief and assistance to reach those who need it. Inspire and move us to show compassion and support for these efforts through the resources you very generously make available to us.    


We pray for our governments and local administrations.

Inspire them, o Lord, to work together to seek fairness and justice for all. Guide them in the many decisions they have to make. Give them clarity of thought, wisdom and understanding to act and lead in the interests of all so that justice and togetherness will prevail.

We remember all who are ill, and in a moment of silence we pray specially for those known to us personally.

Comfort and strengthen them, o Lord, through their periods of worry and uncertainty. Help them know your presence with them and feel the security of Your healing power. Guide all who care for them, especially those who provide the medical and physical assistance they need. Bless them with the wisdom, knowledge and skill needed and help them show sensitivity, understanding and compassion.

We pray for the community you have placed us in.

Bless us and the neighbourhoods we live in, particularly in Qualitas. Remind us always of our obligations to follow your example of loving and caring for our neighbours as evidence of our love and commitment to You and help us reflect Your love in all we think, speak and do.

The Lord’s prayer

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